Letters to the Editor 6-22-17


To the Editor:

This is actually written to all our neighbors near and around Bodey Hill, the Land Development and all the way up to Goose Creek near the town of Patriot.

We recently had our whole house shake after a very loud explosion. Anything that could rattle or shake did. Much more and things would have started breaking. Our neighbors felt it, too. So, I went out to investigate. I was able to narrow the source down to between the back end of the Land Development and Goose Creek Road.

This is not the first time people in our area have heard explosions, but so far as we know, it is the first one that shook houses. People around here hear explosions very frequently and even big ones. One of our neighbors said there was another big one a couple of days before the one we felt. We must not have been home for that one.

Considering the nature of the times we live in and the fact that the FBI is investigating possible/known terrorists in all 50 states, my wife and I got to thinking: “What better place to build bombs than a semi-rural area where people already hear gunshots on a fairly regular basis and bigger things than that on the holidays? What better place than out in an isolated area where the source of an explosion might be hard to determine? What better place than near a quarry where people might think blasting is being done?” (It’s not, by the way. Hilltop told us they do not use explosives.)

I called Homeland Security. They said we have to go through the local law enforcement, so I called the Sheriff. He was very informative. It turns out they already know the source. Apparently, some wealthy people from out of town have a place here in our area where they come to party. They bring with them something called Tannerite.

Tannerite is a very powerful and legal explosive that is also used in fertilizer. You can buy it or make your own. It is very stable and needs to be set off by a high powered bullet going through it. A 22 won’t do it. It has to be high powered. Do a search on it. You will find videos of massive explosions with this stuff. It is used to blow up barns, vehicles. People have lost body parts due to using it. It was used in the New York City bomb in September of last year. That is what my wife came up with just doing a very quick search.

The area it is coming from seems to be about 1 1/2 miles from our house. We actually heard several explosions earlier, but they were not enough to shake the house. So, these people set off several explosions. I guess the first ones weren’t big enough for them.

So, we have out of towners who own property here, but do not live here. They just come here to party – which includes setting off explosions.

So, what can we do about this annoyance? Well, according to the Sheriff, his hands are tied unless we start to file complaints. Calling is not enough. We have to actually file complaints when we hear explosions – and, especially, when we feel them.

We have no problem with small explosions. Hey, we get having fun. But when it is often enough and loud enough to be a serious nuisance, and especially if it is big enough to shake the house and potentially do damage, then we need to file. Some of you out there live even closer to these explosions than we do, so you could sustain damage to your house more easily than us up here on Bodey Hill Road. If there are several willing to file, then the Sheriff can actually get them to tone it down.


David Wolfer, Patriot