Letters to the Editor 6-19-14


“Its Me Again”

A letter from “me” was published in the local newspaper on May 22nd about the very kind deeds that were done for me by the very kind citizens of Switzerland County. My name is Harry Brown, and I recently moved to Switzerland County from Cleves, Ohio.

Well I have had two more episodes of “kind deeds” done for me that I would like for everyone who lives in Switzerland County to hear about.

On the last week of May, I stopped in at “Granny’s Restaurant,” for a “bite to eat.” Just as I was parking my car, another car pulled into park also. The other car contained an elderly male and two ladies. We cordially spoke to each other, and I said “Boy I hope they got meat loaf today.” The gentleman answered, “Yes, they do, I called to see if they do.” I asked him where he was from and he said he lived in Madison and he had called to make sure they had some meat loaf left. Well, we sat down at separate tables in the diner, and we conversed with each other while we were eating. I got up to pay for my meal, and the gentleman got up also. He followed me over to the “pay” window and then he pushed me aside and told the waitress that he wanted to pay for my meal. I thanked him very sincerely. I had never met him before. He was a total stranger to me. I told him that was the first time a total stranger had ever been kind enough to buy my meal for me.

The second event of human kindness happened to me today.

When I arose to get up one day last week, and I turned my TV on, the TV screen was “blank.” I checked the phone book for a TV repairman, but sadly, there was no local TV repairman listed. I would have to go to Aurora, or to Madison to find one. Some of my friends at the Senior Citizens Center whom I eat lunch with, said I would have to call “Dish”, since it is a Dish brand that I have. Well, I called Dish and was connected to a Spanish speaking lady whom I could hardly understand, and she said it was probably a “convertor”, and they would send me a new one. Well, it did not fix my TV, so I was telling Debbie Cox, a very kind and courteous lady who is in charge of the Senior Citizens Center group in Vevay who is in charge of our “meals on wheels” and she told me about “Mr. Harris’ Repair Shop” which is near the bank. So I stopped in to see him. Mr. Harris was on the telephone, and there was a gentleman sitting there so I told him about my problem, and he said “Mr. Brown, would you care if I took a look at your TV”? I told him that he was welcome to look at it. So he followed me to my home, and within five minutes, he had my TV going good. I wanted to pay him but he refused anyway. That Christian man’s name was “Bob Wright,” and I am going to ask Jesus to be with Mr. Wright and to bless him each day.

Thank you, Bob

Harry Brown

Bliss Lane