Letters to the Editor 6-11-15


To the Editor:

I’ve expressed in past letters that I dream one day of being a Police Officer. Although I don’t wish to work in the county, I do want to say how thankful I am for what our county’s law enforcement has taught me.

I especially would like to highlight one very important individual who works in our county. During the last few months of school, they offered applications to go to the “Indiana Sheriff’s Association Youth Leadership Camp”. I shared this with our brilliant Sheriff, Nathan Hughes.

He was very excited and rather “tickled to death” that I took interest in that type of thing. I’ve had some conversations with him on being in Law Enforcement. He’s taught me a lot already. I must say though, the most wonderful thing he did is that he’s paid for me to go to that camp in a few weeks. He paid with his own personal checkbook. How kind of him to do that for me! He does his job very well and I feel very safe in this community knowing he is there for all of us. Mr. Hughes has our best interests and our backs.

Having over 30 years experience isn’t close to a small feet at all. Our school had some students (Myself included) who went job shadowing at the Sheriff’s department and even then that man never let down. He was honest and caring enough to teach all of us who were interested in what he does and what other law enforcement individuals do.

So with that I let off with my point, Sheriff Hughes, I thank you very much!

I can’t wait to do all that’s offered in Warren County this summer at the camp. I’m looking forward to telling you about all of what I’m going to learn and all the fun I’m going to have.

I thank you and our county thanks you for all that you do.


Ryan Curry