Letters to the Editor 5-7-15


Military discounts

To the Editor:

In response to the County Commissioners’ decision not to offer discounts for renting the TEC Building to our military: this is very saddening. Is the military of our county really that unimportant to our elected commissioners and county leaders?

Our soldiers, past and present, should be honored with the utmost respect. They are serving or have served all over the world for us so we can be free.

Not offering discounts to them for a building that is designated to use for our entire community is disgraceful. Do the commissioners, whom we elected, really feel that offering a discount to military personnel would open too big of a “hole” for others wanting discounts? Are they afraid they would lose too much money? If that is not the case it is a very sad situation. What is the real issue?

Are discounts or free use of the TEC Building for our military too much to ask for? We think not. What do you think?

Steve and Rita Sebree