Letters to the Editor 5-26-16


Landslide update

To the Editor:

We wanted to share some updates with the community concerning the situation with our home on Evans Hill Road.

We haven’t been able to live in our home for weeks now, and we have been told that due to the active landslide that our home is sitting on, we will never be able to live there again. We believe that all evidence points to the problem stemming from the county putting rock into the creek in front of our home, which changed the channel of the flow of the water, causing erosion to the point that the hillside began to give way, which has led to an active landslide.

We have tried to work with county officials to settle this matter so that we can move on with our lives; but aren’t getting many solutions from the county, which has been frustrating for our family.

Here are some of the latest developments in our situation:

– April 27th: Steve Lyons stopped by our home and told Ed that the engineer’s report came in and it does mention something about a solution, but Steve related that the suggested solution is too late now and wouldn’t work.

– May 2nd: Under “Other business” portion of the commissioners meeting minutes, Rosemary Bovard asked about the engineer’s report for Evans Hill Road and Steve Lyons answered her clearly with untruth stating, “They are waiting on the engineer’s report.”

-May 11th: County Attorney Wil Goering sent our attorney, Joe Jenner, stone tickets and a spread sheet showing work on the Evans Hill road from 2004 until 2011. Wil states there is nothing after 2011.

– May 15th: Steve Lyons called Ed to inquire if he saw someone dumping something in the creek on Evans Hill because he had just received a call that it was witnessed. Ed walked the road and took a picture to share with Steve of an area that may have something dumped, but unsure if it was fresh. Steve said he’d contact the sheriffs department.

Something seems odd here that someone called to report this; yet the color, make or model or even license number isn’t seen.

-May 18th: I called Steve and left a voice mail to inquire how we could attain the engineer’s report, since Steve had originally said he would see to it that we received a copy because it’s purchased with tax dollars and wouldn’t be a problem. I stated on voice mail that their attorney still has not been given it and to please call one of us to tell us how to obtain it. I also stated what a difficult time this has been and we just want closure and to please help.

Steve never returned the call.

– May 20th: I called the recorders office and was transferred to the court’s office and then to the auditor’s office to request the engineer’s report; and was told that it must come from attorney Wil Goering and that he will be notified of the call.

A few minutes later, the county auditor called me and related that the engineer’s report was purchased with casino dollars because they do not have a fund set up for engineering reports; so since it wasn’t purchased through taxpayers dollars the public is not entitled to see it.

Later that day Wil Goering contacted our attorney Joe Jenner to inform him that Wil refused to release the engineers report and states it was purchased through a fund that he does not have to share it.


We believe that we should be able to see the engineer’s report, and we see no reason why the county shouldn’t be forthcoming with it. We need closure on this matter for our family. Someone needs to help us.


Melissa and Ed Brush

Evans Hill Road