Letters to the Editor 5-22-14


Movie sought

To the Editor:

Do any of you remember when the movie “A Girl Named Sooner” starring Cloris Leachman was filmed right there in Vevay, Indiana, back in/or around 1975 or 1976? Or at least remember when the movie came out and watching it on T.V.?

Well, I do. I’d like to ask if any of you made for T.V. movie lovers happen to have an extra D.V.D. or V.H.S. tape of the movie, “A Girl Named Sooner.” I’d like to have a copy.

Thank you.


Tensley J. Wright

Please call home phone: 859-355-5060

Send tape to: 108 S. Main St., Apt. 212

Winchester, KY 40391

Great friends

To the Editor:

Dear Friends: I spent most of my adult life as a resident of Dearborn County, Indiana, and also Hamilton County, Ohio. But a few years ago, the mate of my very good life passed away. Shortly after that, our precious Lord directed me to leave Hamilton County and settle down with a wonderful Christian lady whom I had known for many years residing here in Switzerland County.

This wonderful Christian lady made me acquainted with a few of her neighborly friends who lived here in Switzerland County and she also did me a great good deed. She got me started going to a small church which is located on Tapps Ridge. I also became acquainted with the owner of a small garage located in East Enterprise. The wife of the owner of the garage told me that some of her son’s friends who come to Switzerland County to visit with her son wanted to go “waving.” She asked her son’s friend, “What do you mean, go “waving?” Her son’s friend said, “Well, whenever we go riding in our car out in the country, everybody sitting on their front porch waves at us.”

Now, I am an old “coot” who is 88 years old, and I have to walk with a cane. Whenever I go to the local grocery store, or to a popular restaurant nearby, there have been many times that some other local citizen is courteous to me, and they stand aside for me so that this old “coot” can make his way on his journey.

My wonderful mate passed away to be with Jesus a few weeks ago, and I would like to thank her and the many good citizens of Switzerland County. Also, thank you to the local funeral home here in Vevay, to the members of the “small” church on Tapps Ridge Road, and also special “thanks” to Debbie Cox and all of my very good friends who I know at the “Senior Citizen” group here in Vevay for all of your very kind reception that all of you here in Switzerland County have given this “old coot.”

May our good Lord bless you all. A friend in need.

Harry Brown

Bliss Lane