Letters to the Editor


Working together

To the Editor:

It’s that time of the year again when Vevay-Switzerland County Little League is planning on another exciting summer of baseball and softball at the Markland Dam Park. In the ongoing preparation for the league to begin there are many things getting done to assure that it is once again a successful summer for all that are involved. The V-SCLLA offers the opportunity for kids ranging from age 3 to 15 to spend the summer learning the fundamentals of baseball/softball and the importance of the teamwork that it takes to be successful. Many of us see the practicing and the dragging of the fields and all of those visible signs that a new season is about to begin at the park. What a lot of people don’t see is a few of the organizations that are behind the scenes that continue to support the league and make it possible for everyone to enjoy. That’s what this letter is for, a special thank you to the ones that aren’t always so visible but extremely important to us reaching our goals.

First of all we would like to thank the Vevay Newspapers for their willingness to allow us to run our application and advertisements in their paper at a cost that is impossible to beat. I can only speak for the last five years but in those five years Pat and his staff have been super to the little league program and we are forever grateful for your help.

Also a special thanks to the Switzerland County Park Board members. The Park Board allows us to hold our league at the Markland Dam Park every year without any hesitation. We never have to worry about the fields not being mowed, the lights not working or the facilities not being adequately attended to if a problem occurs. It is a great park and its location is vital to the success of our league. Thank you for having us.

Last but certainly not least is the United Fund of Switzerland County. For the fifth year straight the United Fund has donated a large sum of money that will help the league pay for the majority of the cost of the uniforms our kids use during the summer. With this money paying for the uniforms it allows us to use the money we get from registration to pay for our umpires, buy any additional playing equipment that is needed, including balls, helmets, bases, catching gear and any other cost that may arise. It allows us to send a group of kids in several age groups to different towns to participate in All Star Tourneys throughout the summer. These kids represent our county when they travel and we want them to be as prepared as any other team at the tourney from the moment they arrive. Without the United Fund’s sponsorship of the V-SCLLA our registration fee would probably double, if not more. I have talked to many other league officials from small towns like ours that talk of having registration fee of $65 to $75 per kid. I talked to a lady just last week who said she doesn’t see how we get by with charging only $30 per kid. My answer to her was simple. “It’s because of the United Fund of Switzerland County and the generosity of the people on the board as well as the members of the community who donate to the fund.” It really does work for the betterment of our community which is exactly why it was created.

This year the V-SCLLA will try to give back to the United Fund some of the generosity that they have given to all of us over the years. We are going to put a donation bucket in the window of the concession stand at not only our league games but for any weekend tournaments that we have. We anticipate having up to 750 people a week visit the park for the two months this summer that we have our leagues. If everyone was to give a dollar a week, just think what we could do. The United Fund of Switzerland County, it really does work for all of us.

So if you are ever at the home of a baseball or softball player this summer and you see a schedule hanging on their refrigerator; look real close and you will see all of these organizations listed as sponsors along the bottom. And the next time you see a member of one of these organizations, thank them for helping make our community a better place for our kids to live.

Jamie Hayes

President V-SCLLA

Our rights

Dear Editor:

After reading last week’s “To the Point”, I was reminded of something else concerning the actions of the ACLU. Like you, I am also concerned about individual rights, but this exploitation being allowed baffles me. 

This is part of an article from the February issue of The American Legion magazine. ”Rees Lloyd uncovered a little-known loophole in the law that enables the ACLU to collect millions of dollars in taxpayer-paid “attorney fee awards” while pursuing the removal of religious icons across America.

Lloyd cites a case in California where a private citizen strapped two pipes together to form a cross in 1934 and mounted it on a rock outcrop in a remote, privately owned area of the Mojave Desert. The purpose was to honor the service of World War I veterans. The ACLU filed a federal suit to remove the cross in 2000 and a district court ruled for the ACLU and awarded it more than $40,000 in attorney fees.” 

Recently the Pentagon withdrew sponsorship of hundreds of Boy Scout Troops because of action by the ACLU claiming that the Troops were religious organizations. Before long we will have all the Crosses and Stars of David removed from military cemeteries. 

From what I understand, there is civil rights legislation from 1976 that says the taxpayer is responsible to pay the complaining party’s legal fees, so the ACLU is using this law to make money. Hopefully citizens will join The American Legion as it lobbies to eliminate this loophole in the law. 

W. Darrell Hansel

Alternate National Executive Committeeman

The American Legion