Letters to the Editor 4-27-17


To the Editor:

Oil prices fell about three dollars on the barrel in the last two weeks; but none of our local stations came down a penny. If we see a small raise in oil prices, they do raise the pump prices.

We keep these places in business; so a little respect is due.

Same with the grocery, milk is always $3 a gallon, but everywhere else it’s $1.69-$1.99.

County commissioners should be put on notice to market this county with new industry. The Department of Defense would be a good start. The Industrial Park looks like Death Valley.

Randy Frye still wants a 10¢ tax on gas. Call or message his office and tell him and his staff to start looking for a new job if it passes. Indianapolis will get about all the money for projects up there.

State Representative Randy Frye

(317) 232-9793

(800) 382-9841


Ron Shaffer,