Letters to the Editor 4-23-15


To the Editor:

I’m glad from what people saw my letter, some small time ago. It has brought out a good message I believe and it’s a real world issue. I wanted to tell readers where I found inspiration and where this movement has brought me. Also there’s another project that the ‘No More’ Organization is doing that I feel needs to be addressed.

First off, My reasoning for advocating this project and the issues it addresses, is that – of a few things - I always had loved watching Law & Order: SVU and during the start of ‘No More’ week they did a marathon. It was dedicated to eliminating the silence and excuse of sexual and domestic violence.

As I’ve been watching the show, it’s inspired me to want to be a New York City Police Officer. I want to be on the real life ‘Special Victims Unit’.

I feel sex crimes have little interest by people and it’s a hard thing to deal with by all of the aspects. Victims are very fragile and it’s a whole other system of handling than homicide, cold case, or any other unit.

It’s a voluntary unit meaning people (detectives and officers) can request to be on the unit. Somebody has to do it and I’m a strong person. So the show and the work of Mariska Hargitay, whom plays Detective Olivia Benson got me inspired.

Now that I’ve shared why these issues speak to me and how I became an advocate for ‘No More’ is a whole other story, I’m going to share with you that April is SAAM or ‘Sexual Assault Awareness Month”.

Where ‘No More’ targeted both Sexual Violence and Domestic Violence both, SAAM only targets the issues of Sexual Crimes. When I wrote my last letter, I gave many shocking statistics. I must say those are true and happen everyday to people we all know and love. Sexual Assault is very serious and it happens in many known situations. Campus ‘Gang and Date’ Rapes. Military surprisingly has sexual assault issues arising on the base and in training camps. It also has been happening infamously on sports teams and well known celebrities.

It’s very shocking and sad.

So all I ask is to please talk about it and keep advocating. We need to eliminate rape culture. Equally women, men, and children get sexually victimized and it’s a major issue. I encourage everyone to do research and look at the different crimes and see through the issues. Talk about them and share ideas. Together we have a choice and can make a difference.

Please go to the following website for more information: www.nsvrc.org/SAAM


Ryan Curry,