Letters to the Editor 4-19-18

Secretary of State


Secretary of State

To the Editor:

  As promised throughout his campaign, President Trump has restored our nation’s sense of hope, security, and patriotism. In an effort to further bolster our national security, he nominated CIA Director Mike Pompeo to be our next Secretary of State.

  Mike Pompeo believes that ensuring religious freedom worldwide is a vital part of our national security, and he vows to work toward that goal. He recognizes that religious freedom and economic growth are closely related when it comes to creating a more peaceful society.

  Upon his confirmation by the Senate, Pompeo will fight for religious freedom around the world and defend the security of our nation. Director Pompeo’s beliefs are in sync with those of President Trump, which will serve him well as our nation’s top diplomat. Call Senator Donnelly and ask him to confirm Director Mike Pompeo’s nomination for secretary of state.

  Donnelly’s office number in Washington, DC, is (202) 224-4814; or his Indianapolis office number  is (317) 226-5555.


Lisa Fisher

Switzerland County Republican Party Chair