Letters to the Editor 3-9-17


To the Editor:

It seems that our representatives are giving with one hand, while preparing to take away with the other. I’m referring to the slight of hand buried in Indiana House Bill 1002. HB 1002 has been approved by the Indiana House of Representatives, and is moving on to the Indiana State Senate. As I mentioned in my prior Letter to the Editor of February 2nd, 2017, there are several positive features in the bill. We all know that we should support our highways and byways.

But buried in the middle of House Bill 1002, mandatory tolls and privatization will be implemented. Yes, mandatory. HB 1002 states that publicly owned companies will be buying and owning our roads and bridges. We will have to pay and support these companies to use our own roads.

In a publicly owned company, the shareholders are investors from the stock market. Anyone with money can invest in them. There’s no required transparency and no global restrictions. Owners can (and will) be obscured by multi-layered shell companies. These companies can (and will) have international shareholders and foreign partners. How would you like to pay a Cayman Island slush fund to get to work every day? Under HB 1002, the Markland Dam could be bought by a company in Iran, Syria, China or North Korea.

We are trusting our government officials to keep us safe. HB 1002 would trade our roads for a handful of silver.

Please let James Smith, our State Senator, know that he needs to amend House Bill 1002. We do not want tolls and privatization on Indiana roads and bridges.

By the way, our State Representative, Randy Frye, assisted in drafting HB 1002. Remember him in the next election.

Megan Reis

Plum Creek Road