Letters to the Editor 3-7-13


Appreciation dinner

To the Editor:

On February 16th, the Switzerland County veterans and families were invited to a wonderful dinner provided by Eric Rabe, our new grocer and owner of the Cash Saver grocery on East Main Street. Belterra Casino Resort & Spa provided the beautiful Ogle Haus Inn for the event.

I think it w as reported that nearly 2 00 people came to enjoy the meal reminiscent of a full-fledged Thanksgiving Feast. Mr. Rabe not only provided the food, but provided staff who prepared the food, including his sons and Mrs. Rabe. The Olive Branch youth group did the serving and did a tremendous job. From all outward appearance, the Youth Group thoroughly enjoyed participating in the event, smiling as they went about seeing that everyone had their drinks, desserts and whatever else they might request. It was especially heartwarming to me to see our young adults participating in something so patriotic. They, too, showed great respect to our veterans for their sacrifices.

Mr. Rabe was quick to give credit to the other sponsors, Friendship Bank, Belterra Casino Resort & Spa, Vevay Newspapers, American Legion Post #185, and VFW Post 5396, to name some. But Mr. Rabe was the one who came up with the idea and put the plans in place to see it through. I for one want to express my appreciation for Mr. Rabe’s generosity on behalf of our veterans. It is a further indication of his efforts to be a tremendous asset to our community.

This was my first time to meet him personally, but I have enjoyed and appreciated visiting our new grocey store nearly every day since it opened. I’ve heard many people say what a nice addition to our community this grocery store is – so much better than any we’ve known since the Deaton family sold the former IGA store (just my opinion). So to all who were responsible for the event, Johnny and I personally say “thank you.” Job well done.

John and Phyllis Stafford

Near Vevay

Thanks to community

To the Editor:

We would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone in the community who signed the petition pertaining to the closing of the East Enterprise Banking Center. In addition, we want to thank the businesses involved for allowing us to leave copies of the petitions for customers to view and sign. In our opinion, it was a huge success. The total signature count came to 1,080. Copies of the petitions with the signatures were forwarded to Mr. Daryl Tressler on Friday, March 1st, 2013. We will continue to keep everyone informed as to any correspondence we receive from Mr. Tressler.

Once again it is our hope that Mr. Tressler and the board of director will reconsider their previous decision to close the branch. However, if after reviewing our petitions and individual comments, they stand firm on their decision, we can find some strength, knowing we “as a community” came together to voice our dissatisfaction with their actions.


Julie Hazeldean and Cheryl Janes

Near East Enterprise