Letters to the Editor 3-17-16


Still no answers

To the Editor:

$6,657.08 every month.

That is what “the 4” are costing us for their health insurance benefits alone as long as they stay in office. Not bad for a part-time voluntary elected official.

Still no public comments on the issue except for the comments provided by Jill Cord to the Madison Courier. None of the community’s questions have been answered. No apologies, and no one has resigned.

They are hoping you forgot about the issue and do not come to the next meeting!

That is a fact!

By no one showing up to the next meeting, “the 4” will push ahead quietly until January, 2017, continuing to live off the backs of the hard working people in this county and taking much needed funding away from our children. Please show your support by simply showing up to the next meeting this Monday, March 21st, at 6 p.m. in the Administration Building. Demand answers and demand that “the 4” resign! We need the social media followers to physically attend, parents, grandparents, retirees, people who work and live in Switzerland County and our Veterans! You don’t need to have a child attending school to be affected.

Take the insurance issue out of the equation and you still have four board members who need to provide some answers to the taxpayers, apologize and resign!

They are no longer serving this community as good stewards of our money and no longer have our children in their best interests.

What you may not realize is we were at the last meeting and actually watched family members of a current board member attempt to threaten and intimidate people at the meeting. This board member thought it was appropriate to have her family at the meeting to “stare down” people attending as they entered the building. Then during the meeting, one of her family members continued to “fly the bird” to the cameraman from Fox 19.

Of course they got some nice video of him in action. He pretended to take pictures of other board members with his flip phone and had a note pad with our names written all over it and kept holding it up so people around them could see. At the end of the meeting one family member then stood next to the cameraman and continued to “bump” the camera stand and cameraman with his elbow while they were trying to interview people.

We have arrested people before for simple assault, making threats and intimidation and these actions meet that criteria. This is so embarrassing for our community! We cannot believe that the board member allowed this to happen. She obviously could see it happening from her seat at the table if we could see it from ours. But still no apologies or comments and she will not resign!

I can assure you that after our years as LE Officers and 15+ years on Active duty in combat deployments it will take more than this to scare us away from the issue. We are dedicated to doing what is right no matter whose names are attached to the corruption. While we may laugh about it, we now see exactly why some of you have been afraid to comment publicly on the issue. You simply fear the good-ole Boy/Girls club mentality and years of under the table deals from some of these four board members.

Thanks again for all of the support! We cannot go into a local business or in the community without someone thanking us. However, we need your help by showing up to the next meeting or this is a lost cause until election time. Please help us put the money back in the classrooms for our teachers and our children!

Thank you!

Chris and Michelle Oatman,

Proudly from Patriot