Letters to the Editor 3-13-14


Local treasure

Dear Editor:

The saying “The road to ruin is paved with good intentions” is, though not an axiom, is a phrase urging caution. Impetuous action usually results in an abundance of unforeseen negatives.

Our town council, motivated by a need for fiscal restraint, seeks to eliminate waste in local government (a laudatory endeavor other government entities might want to emulate). To some the moving of town hall seems expedient on its face.

The Carnegie Library Building, a local landmark that speaks to the very history of our community, can soon wind up as another abandoned building within the downtown business district if the council proceeds with their proposed plan to move the function of town government to a pole barn on the outskirts of Vevay.

Mrs. Bladen’s recent letter expressing the Historical Society’s opposition to the move is not the only local entity so opposed. Many downtown businesses have spent considerable time and energy attempting to revitalize the downtown district. Why not, after many years of neglect, refurbish the town hall and preserve a local treasure?

Kip Meyerhoff

Concerned in Vevay