Letters to the Editor 3-10-16


School Board insurance

To the Editor:

Re: School board members insurance for $1.00!

In the past few weeks, I’ve been fairly vocal regarding “the 4” on the Switzerland County School Board. I feel very strongly that what is happening is wrong. Some County residents may agree with me, some may not, so here are some of my reasons:

1) Switzerland County schools can’t afford such luxurious treatment of “the 4” elected members.

2) “The 4” made themselves eligible for this perk, classifying themselves as “administrators”.

3) “The 4” voted to set their premiums at $1.00 (Yes, one dollar).

4) “The 4” continue to ignore public input, criticism, outrage, and obvious public disagreement.

5) “The 4” will not give the courtesy of explaining their positions.

6) “The 4” provide themselves with the best treatment of anyone working for the school corporation.

7) “The 4” get their insurance for much lower cost than teachers.

8) Teachers and other “non-administrator” employees subsidize the cost of “the 4”.

9) If “the 4” paid premiums comparable to teachers, other employees’ premiums should reduce.

10) I do not believe any other part-time school employees are even offered insurance, at all.

11) Make no mistake, school board members are not putting in full time hours. They’re part time.

Here’s some simple math for the purpose of illustrating the situation; the number of employees is not accurate, but representative only.

Suppose there are 100 employees insured in the school corp. The cost, from the insurance carrier, will be the cost for 100 insured, correct? However, only 96 (NOT “the 4”) are paying full-cost premiums. So, that means those 96 are paying the costs for all 100 insured. This simply means that “the 4” are enjoying insurance that is being paid for on the backs of the school employees paying full premiums (such as teachers)!

Does that sound fair to you? Sure does not to me!

Now suppose one of two things were to change.

A) “The 4” stop this $1.00 perk, drop their insurance. This would mean that 96 employees are now paying fair premiums based on coverage of 96 people. Sounds fair – not to mention normal!

B) “The 4” begin to pay premiums calculated just like others paying full premiums. This would mean that 100 employees are now paying fair premiums based on coverage of 100 people. Sounds fair.

Personally, I am not concerned with the fact that some other “administrators” may be enjoying $1.00 premiums. I think that benefit may be a reasonable part of administrators’ compensation packages. And besides, I think those administrators are full time employees (possibly even more than full time, truth be told). Other “administrators” are hired by the school corp., not voted into office (entrusted) by the taxpayers. “The 4″school board members are not hired, they are elected (and entrusted) to serve the public school system. School board positions are part time, not full time.

The way it stands folks, “the 4” part time, elected school board members are enjoying the best benefits, by far, of anyone working for the school system! Other part-time employees, I believe, are not even offered insurance. And other hard-working, full time, underpaid people, like our teachers, are paying the cost of this perk, for “the 4”!

Last couple of things:

I’ve had one school board member (my township representative) try very hard to convince me that he does, in fact, work more than full time. He tells me he “can’t go anywhere without being asked something about the school”. While that (aggravation?) may be partially or fully accurate, it does not equate to working full time. My answer to his dilemma: If you don’t want to be asked about our school system, don’t run for school board. Being asked “a lot of” questions does not mean working full-time plus!

Some of the “other 3” (maybe all 3) work real full time jobs, I’d assume 35-40 hours per week, plus other obligations, besides their school board position. Based on the claim of the school board member who says he’s working 40 or more hours a week in that position, and assuming he doesn’t work terribly more than other board members, the “other 3” must be working something like 75-80 hours, or more, per week ! Wow! Oh, and not for $1.00 insurance either.

Is anyone else upset and outraged enough yet to demand changes be made immediately? Again, I ask “the 4” – Fix this outrage! Then, resign!

Why do I continue to demand “the 4” resign, even if/when/after they fix this problem?

Simple: because (1) “the 4” have proven they are not trustable with our public monies; (2) “the 4” are unable to make sound financial decisions, with our public monies; and (3) “the 4” have a preference to finance their personal benefits, with our public monies, over what is best for our school system. Oh, and don’t forget, (4) “the 4” do not think the public, the taxpayers, the voters deserve any explanation – none at all!

There you have it: 4 good reasons for “the 4” to go!

Are you ready to stand up, speak out and demand immediate change? I hope so!

Feel free to contact me for discussion. Hope to see you at the school board meeting March 21st, 2016.


Cary Louderback

14690 Red Hog Pike

Rising Sun, IN 47040 (Cotton township)