Letters to the Editor 2-28-13


“Mike Night”

To the Editor:

I am writing to thank anyone and everyone who played any part in making “Mike Night” such a resounding success. It took a lot of organization, hard work, and above all, compassion to put on such an event.

I think Mr. Lanman described Mike most accurately in his article in the Vevay newspapers after Mike’s passing. The gist of the article was that Mike was a good man who lived according to the right priorities. The only thing I would add is to say he was also a very lucky man to spend his entire career working in such a good and compassionate community.

I grew up in Rising sun, but my Mom was a Vevay native. I remember her frequently telling me stories of how kind the people of Switzerland County were. As I stood on the floor and witnessed the heartfelt ovation, I could only imagine her response. She would have looked at me, smiled and said a kind “See, I told you so.” The people of Switzerland County are a proud people and they have every right to be.

Please accept a genuine “thank you” from me and the entire McClure family.


Bill “Wilber” McClure

Rising Sun

School safety

To the Editor:

On Wednesday, February 20th, community stakeholders met once again to discuss school safety. Some of those in attendance included EMS, EMA, Jeff-Craig Fire Department, town and sheriff officers, and school officials.

During the meeting much discussion took place concerning the development of a School Resource Officer (SRO). The group is trying to find the best/cost-efficient way to employ this person and make sure the position will stay around even if grant money runs out.

Other topics which were discussed included: creating classroom safety bags; updating each schools emergency chemical spill safety kits; and how to better plan fire and evacuation drills.

During the town schools last fire drill, EMS and the Jeff-Craig Fire Department came and worked with us. They came up with some great ideas to start implementing to help ensure student and staff safety during any evacuation procedure.

Please do not panic if in the future you see fire and/or EMS at the schools. We plan to continue drills to work on response times and geographical location of students during drills.

Mr. Jones, Switzerland County’s superintendent also had the group discuss the very important and timely topic of “Bullying.”

Everyone at the meeting knows that this is a problem facing our nation as a whole. At Mr. Jones’ request the group decided to create a “Bullying Task Force.” This group is going to review the state-adopted bullying policy and from it develop a plan that we hope will work best for Switzerland County School Corporation.

After it has been revised the committee will give it to Mr. Jones to take to the school board.

Again, I want to thank everyone out there who has helped make Switzerland County Schools and our Community the best place to live and work.

Tony Spoores

Assistant Principal/AD

Switzerland County Middle School