Letters to the Editor 2-25-16


School Board

To the Editor:

My thoughts from the Switzerland County School Corp. School Board of Trustees meeting I attended February 15th, 2016:

On the subject of health insurance for school board members: Smoke, mirrors, and what is commonly known as useless BS (or pixie dust, if you prefer). The motion, made by Peters, and subsequent vote on insurance was beyond meaningless. It was a calculated action by “the 4”; an attempt to appear as if they responded to the public outcry and were agreeing to abolish the practice.

Obviously, “the 4” had discussion outside of a public meeting; otherwise (1) the agenda would not have been revised (revised after publication in the newspaper) to add “Medical Insurance Update”; (2) the motion would not have been made, much less seconded, and voted to carry.

Think about it: Obviously, no such motion would have been made unless “the 4” were certain that it would carry. “The 4” could only have been certain if they had discussed (before the actual meeting) the subject and a plan to make a motion and vote. Before that motion and vote, rest assured, “the 4” knew for certain that they would retain the insurance for the remainder of 2016.

The public should be aware: “The 4” having any sort of “meeting” outside the regularly scheduled public school board meeting is in violation of Indiana Code. What constitutes a “meeting”? Any sort of discussion by a quorum (in this board’s case a quorum is a minimum of 4 members), be it in person, by phone, by email, etc.

Does anyone believe this action would have transpired without having had previous discussion? Not me !

Also be aware and remember: the board’s vote to cancel the insurance in Jan 2017 does not fix or change anything. This board has no control over the new board that will vote in January, 2017.

“The 4” simply tried to appear as if they responded to public outcry by “fixing” the unacceptable practice. “The 4” hope to stop the discussion, and presumably, they think their vote will achieve that end.

I think pressure should continue to be applied for the board to vote again. This time to abolish coverage immediately and to repay the 2016 costs.

Or, a simpler solution- “the 4” should resign – now, and we’ll forget any repayments.

Remember to vote.

Demand their resignations immediately! Attend the next school board meeting and consider speaking out about this situation.

Feel free to contact me for discussion.

Cary Louderback

Red Hog Pike

Rising Sun (In Switzerland County)