Letters to the Editor 2-21-13


Thanks CFSC

The Switzerland County School Corporation libraries would like to thank The Community Foundation of Switzerland County for funding the purchase of updated STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) materials for the four school libraries in our corporation.  These materials will help the students develop a solid background in these important, quickly changing 21st century skill areas. 

Anne Findley

Switzerland County School Library Coordinator

Be positive

To the Editor:

Thank you Eric Rabe and Cash Saver supermarket for the Veterans appreciation dinner this past Sunday at the Ogle Haus Inn.

I personally spoke with many of the nearly 200 veterans and guests that were in attendance and nearly all of them were effusive in their appreciative comments about this gesture.

Of course it makes good business sense for businesses to give back to the community, and I have talked with Eric about this on several occasions. He is a community minded businessman.

As we have all witnessed, a clean, modern supermarket is essential to the quality of life in small towns like ours.

Last week when electrical/mechanical problems forced the closing of the store, the rumors were flying on Martha’s gossipbook. (If Facebook is progress, take me back to the middle ages.)

Although most of the comments were positive, it was the naysayers that caught my eye.

If you people are so put off by Cash Saver, jump in your car and drive to Madison or Carrollton for your groceries. It’s that simple.

Personally, I think your time and energy would be of more use and possibly affect some changes if the comments were voiced in person to Mr. Rabe.

Anyone with any experience supervising people will tell you that you can’t please all the people all the time.

When I talk to the employees at Cash Saver they seem to like their jobs and are always happy to help the customers.

Back in “olden times” when I still worked I had a very simple solution regarding bosses that didn’t please me. I’d find a new boss.

Steve Bladen

Tapps Ridge

Take pride

To the Editor:

I hae seen and heard many things as an advocate for the youth, sports, clubs and education. I have witnessed much negativity. Let me explain. . . .

Within the community I hear negativity about our community, about our schools, extra-curricular activities (clubs, band and choir) and about our athletics.

I would ask for forgiveness for what I am about to say; however, I am not sorry. Therefore, I will not ask for forgiveness for appearing rude or harsh.

Switzerland County may be small. Switzerland County may be poor (to an extent). Switzerland County may be considered ther underdog (to some). But to me, Switzerland County is groovy.

It is bothersome when other counties say rude things about our county/community. But it is extremely offensive when I hear teachers, parents and school board members (past or present) say rude and negative remarks about our county/community.

I heard someone say, not too long ago (I won’t mention names) that they are sick and tired of seeing Switzerland County lose. Well, too bad that individual feels that way. Too bad that individual isn’t noticed attending too many other activities, events and games.

People say, “children are our future.” Yeah they are. So, why don’t more adults get involved? Switzerland County has many talented individuals. We, as adults, need to take pride in that fact. We, as adults, need to recognize individuals for the good they do and not just the bad.

I’m challenging Switzerland County residents to shake the hand of a student, athlete, band/choir member, FFA, FCA, and BPA members and others alike (sorry if I miss anyone). Did you know that these kids compete and win?

Jessie Mullins

East Enterprise