Letters to the Editor 2-14-13



To the Editor:

This letter is directed to all parents of students of Switzerland County Schools, especially Jeff-Craig Elementary.

I would like to inform parents of rather disturbing events that are occurring while our children are on school property. Our children are being called horrible names, spat on, hit, stabbed (yes, stabbed) with objects, etc. The school officials have been made aware of many acts of bullying and thus far have been attempting to pacify the parents of victims by assuring them that it will be handled, but producing no results.

What is this world coming to when we cannot trust the authorities of the schools to protect our children? There has recently been new security measures put in place due to all of the shootings and publicized violence throughout schools in the U.S. However, those measures are to protect children fro “outsiders” coming in, what about the children inside hurting other children? What about the children on the buses that are hurting other children? Do they not matter? It is time that we are all made aware of some of the things that our children are faced with, and what some are doing to other children.

It is not okay to bully. It is not just “kid stuff” or “pre-teen stuff” or “boys will be boys.” It is becoming more and more dangerous. We need to keep communicating with our children, look for signs of children being bullied and/or bullying others, and notify the schools immediately when known bullying is taking place. Hopefully, with help from all of us that report behaviors to school officials and making this publicly known, they will be forced to deal with these issues and stop ignoring them. http://www.switzerland.k12.in.us/pdf/2011_anti_bully.pdf

Toni Peterson

East Enterprise