Letters to the Editor 12-26-13



To the Editor:

I thought you would like this to put in the paper. My Sunday School teacher, Mrs. Dora Lock, was a sweet person, and she has a lot of relatives in Vevay. I’m sure they would like her poem of Christmas.

I thank you for putting it in the paper again. It was first published in this newspaper back in the 30s when I went to Spring Branch Church.

Thanks and have a good Christmas.

Mary Alice Scudder



What Does Christmas Mean to Me?

By Mrs. Dora Lock

Merry Christmas we hear them saying

As the crowds surge to and fro.

Hastening on with Christmas shopping

All the world seems bright with glow.

Pretty bells hang in the windows,

Where the children romp with glee,

But the question is with each one,

What does Christmas mean to me?

First we enter the home of the wealthy

There they know no poverty there,

See the bright lights in the windows

Gifts of jewels shine everywhere.

Earthly treasure they have many.

But they are only things of today

Have they heard the Christmas story

How the Babe in Bethlehem lay?

Then a humble little cottage,

Sits beside the road tonight,

And we hear again the saying

Mother, this is Christmas night

Will Old Santa come to see us

As he does the ones next door?

Do you think that he will miss us

As he has in years before?

Then it’s Christmas in the White House

As it shines with radiant light

It will be Christmas in the poor house

In the darkness of the night.

It will be Christmas in the prisons,

In the walls of darkest gloom

It will be Christmas for the lonely

If there’s a chair vacant in the home.

If there had been no first Christmas

Oh how dark this world would be

are you thinking now on these things,

How much Christmas means to me.

See that tiny little infant

As it lay in Bethlehem there

No room in the inn that night.

For that mother sweet and fair.

Jesus Christ, a loving Savior

Gift sent down from Heaven to earth,

He is a gift that’s far more precious

Than a gift of costly worth.

Let us tell again the story

Tell it o’er and o’er again

How the angels sang that Christmas

Peace on earth, Good will to men.

Let us rejoice then this Christmas

How that first gift came for all

If we receive no gifts of this world

Yet we were given the best of all.

How He now awaits our coming

In that home so bright and fair

Where there’ll be no disappointment

Sorrows cannot enter There.