Letters to the Editor 11/8/2018

Thanks for support Cell tower questions


Thanks for support

To the Editor:

It has been heartwarming to know how many people care about those of us who live near the proposed site of a new cell tower on State Road 56. We’ve had the support of hundreds of people who have signed petitions, attended meetings, helped with research, etc. Many people from out of our area have also signed petitions. It reminded me of the many convoys of utility trucks who drove hundreds of miles to help the recent victims of hurricane Michael in Florida. It’s reassuring to know people care about others than just those in their immediate neighborhood. I want to say thank you to all for your continued support.

In case you’re not aware of what I’m referring to, there is a cell tower proposed to be located near Jacksonville on State Road 56.  We object to that location for reasons of health dangers, devaluation of property, and general visual contamination of the landscape.

Petitions are located in Vevay at the library (ask at the desk for location); and on Main Street at Swiss Perks, the SIILC office, and the Kooky Kokonut. If you haven’t already signed you may still do so.

Two meetings of the Board of Zoning Appeals have been postponed by the cell company for various reasons and I learned this morning that there will again be no meeting in November. Please check notices on back door of the courthouse and in the newspaper for future meeting time and place.

Thank you again,

Diana Barry



Cell tower questions

To the Editor:

It is very gratifying to know that so many members of our community are supportive in the campaign against irresponsible erection of cell phone towers, specifically, a 269 foot tall tower at 8973 N. State Road 56. Switzerland County already has some towers and many more are planned, I am told.

We have such a beautiful country landscape, that is changing. I ask, “for the better”? I am not so sure. Have you been to Lawrenceburg, recently? I moan when I see how it is riddled with towers and more towers, industry, strip mall development, and traffic! I remember traveling there when I was a youngster, It still had a lovely scenic historical character.

Somehow, visualizing Switzerland County from space, gives me an insight into the future. I see a poorly constructed erector set with power grids, stanchions, high tension wires, cell phone towers, antennae, telephone poles, wires and much more wires. All as a result of so called progress. I have learned much from my Internet research re the effects of cell phone towers. I have learned that some communities were successful in preventing a tower from being erected in their neighborhood.

I believe companies should approach the community first, and ascertain if it is acceptable to have a cell phone tower placed close to families with minor children. To oppose a tower in a location, then notifying a few neighbors by letter, by placing public notice in the paper, with fine print in an obscure place, was not effective. I learned that very few community members knew about the proposed tower. They either do not subscribe to the paper or they did not see nor read the public notice.

So, I hope with your continued support, a satisfactory conclusion is reached re the proposed erection of a tower at 8973 N. State Road 56, a location that is unacceptable to the community.

Sincerely submitted,

Rita Vannatter

9263 N. St. Rd. 56

Vevay, Indiana