Letters to the Editor 11-3-16


Our nation’s future

To the Editor:

Christians: The fate of our nation is in our hands, not the politicians. II Chronicles 7:14. Listen to a prophetic sermon for our nation. Search YouTube for: ‘GB Turner Oct 23.”

Lary Jones,


Keeping county clean

To the Editor:

This year, you may have noticed the roadsides along state and county roads in Switzerland County were much cleaner than in recent years. This is because the Switzerland County Recreation, Tourism and Convention Commission (Tourism), started a program, working with the Sheriff’s Department, to use individuals in custody to help keep our county clean and presentable to residents and visitors. They have done a wonderful job and we have received many compliments.

To date, the SCRTCC has invested almost $20,000.00 in wages, equipment and other supplies towards this project (SCRTCC reimburses the wages for the Sheriffs work detail supervisor). The project has been very successful: literally hundreds of bags of trash and debris were removed from our roadways and our community looks so much better.

As a member of the Tourism Commission and project lead for this cleanup effort, I highly encourage both residents and visitors to not litter, use trash receptacles and please join us in keeping areas around your roads and neighborhoods free of trash. I especially ask pickup drivers to be mindful of trash and debris that can blow from the vehicle bed onto the roads. The Tourism Commission is continuing the program into 2017 as more and more visitors make their way to our community, but we are asking everyone to help us keep our community looking its very best.

Edsel Detraz

Switzerland County Tourism Commission

Deer kills

To the Editor:

Local sportsmen (and the public at large) should be furious (and shocked) at the massive numbers of deer being executed by “big” commercial farmers, who are leasing croplands in our local area!

These “killing fields” are producing at record yields per acre, there’s no reason to kill 65 deer in one small area (upper Laughery Creek, Ohio County).

Control for crop damage does not entitle someone to “mass kill” our wildlife. One “big shot” farmer has bragged he wants our deer and turkey gone to gain even more profits.

Request reports be printed to the general public alongside our hunting harvest numbers so Hoosiers know the real status of our wildlife.

If this offends you, make your voice heard at the Governor’s office and at Fish and Game (lobbyists sure are getting heard!).

Abe Hall,