Letters to the Editor 11-16-17


To the Editor:

I am writing about a matter that has concerned my husband and me for sometime, namely the disrespect show our President Donald Trump; our lovely First Lady; as well as his family.

I know the President is not perfect, but he loves this country and the American people, so let’s give him a chance, after all, he won the White House fair and square!

I have never seen such hate, disrespect and lies come form the media, the Liberals, and Hollywood (who do they think they are?) He has already accomplished more in 10 months in office than others before him. How do people expect him to do his job when his is constantly being criticized and ridiculed?

Our country is so divided politcally as well as in spiritual matters. Have we forgotten the Godly principles this country was founded upon, the many lives lost for the freedom we enjoy?

Our Senators, Congressmen, etc., need to remember that they are in Washington to serve the people; after all, we put them there. They need to work together in a bi-partisan relationship, be tolerant and have the best for the people in mind. Let us remember the wise world of Abraham Lincoln: “Together we stand – Divided we fall”.

Instead of criticizing, let us pray. Instead of hate, let us love. Instead of division, let us unite.

No matter what party we are affiliated with, let us be proud to be an American and continue to enjoy justice, Freedom, and the pursuit of Happiness.

God bless America, and God bless you all.


Johanna and Jim Welch,