Letters to the Editor 10-5-17


To the Editor:

To the man that asked the Damview Campground manager if he could borrow the use of my 13-foot ladder (heavy duty wooden step ladder) because you had a leaking roof. The Damview Campground manager stated that you were honest and didn’t steal, but that you were disabled and living under financial hardship. I also am disabled and under financial hardship. I am a diabetic with COPD never smoked, with sickle cell anemia, multiple heart attacks and most recent Labor Day weekend which was why my ladder and several other items were left on the lot site including the 100′ fire station-graded rubber gray hose which was removed from the hose reel being under the light duty green plastic hose. Guess you needed to flush your gutters also.

I have several roof leaks in the old 1910 house that has required expensive repairs including over $1,500 to replace the entire plumbing of the house, so now I find I am having to do this work myself. I am a Christian and believe in forgiving, but forgiving does not repair my roof or wash my gutters.

Thus far my ladder and hose have not been returned to the campground.

I do not wish to take this to the police even though I have pictures and identifiable markings of these items. You can prove you are honest and return that which you stated you only needed to borrow. You may leave my ladder and hose on the purple picnic table at the Damview Campground before October 10th and no legal action will be taken.

Please do what is right by man and God’s law and you will be able to truthfully state- you do not steal and the next time you need to ask to borrow.


Diana Powers,