Letters to the Editor 10-13-16


Hay Press Pride

To the Editor:

I am using this same-public forum to congratulate Martha Bladen on the successful inaugural run of the Mormon Hay Press at the old Bear farm below town.

The hay press was stored in my barn for 14 years, and I was often annoyed by its presence and I wondered if it would ever be “out of here.”

Yes, there were naysayers in abundance throughout the years, but Martha never heard any of us. As her wont, she just kept plugging away in small increments until she got it done.

What Martha and her small group of dedicated Historical Society members have accomplished is nothing short of amazing.

Martha is a gift to the community that keeps on giving.

Her energy knows no bounds, and I am often am aggravated by her “Polyanna” mind set, but I have not been able to “fix” it, though I have tried for over 24 years.

Here’s looking at you kiddo! The kudos are well deserved.

Steve Bladen

Tapps Ridge