Letters to the Editor 1-3-13



Dear Editor:

I am a very concerned U.S. citizen, also an Army veteran, who is totally appalled at the needless and heinous shootings that have occurred in the last few years in our beloved country.

Now we all know evil is running rampant everywhere since the beginning of time. But even though we cannot assure our children and people 100 percent safety, there are certain measures that can be taken.

Let it be known that I would never vote in favor of complete gun control. The enemy is not out there coming at us in a kill or be killed situation as in a war zone. The point is, citizens should not have automatic weapons in their home. The tragedy in Connecticut did not have to happen but because of the mother’s pride in her automatic weapons and gun collection in her home we lost precious lives.

There is a vast difference between a hunter and someone enraged and using an automatic weapon.

Friends, it is high time we address this problem before another tragedy happens. We love our children.

Jim and Johanna Welch

Near Fairview