Letters to the Editor 1-26-17


Sore losers

To the Editor:

One word comes to mind the last couple of months, and especially the last four days: “Sore Losers”.

And now the women’s march saying they were protesting women’s rights and violations of their civil rights. Where were these women when Bill Clinton was having his way with women, and some in the White House? Where were these women when Hillary was accepting huge sums of money from Saudi Arabia, Oman, and other countries who treat women like slaves, with way less rights than the men?

How come the news and the women’s march didn’t talk about this? Because they pretend it never happens.

A lot of young voters at the march probably don’t know much on the history of our presidents. Probably don’t know much about the Clinton years. And the fear you hear at these speeches is comical. The biggest fear is half the people on welfare will have to go to work. We have a lot of dead weight at home doing nothing. If you say their aren’t any jobs, blame that on Bill Clinton’s NAFTA and Obama’s policies; and Madonna really showed her brain. I believe that they call it “terroristic threatening”, saying she’s thinking about blowing up the White House. Words of a real “sore loser”.

While all of this is going on, some elected officials want a 10-cent tax per gallon. I called my State Representative and told his office we taken in enough taxes already, just spend it wisely. Also told them Indianapolis would rake in most of the new tax, and this is a good way to lose your next election.

So if you mind getting taxed every time you turn around, call your state-elected officials and say “No new tax.” The girl who answered Frye’s phone laughed when I told her this is a good way to lose re-election.

Randy Frye, District 67

(317) 234-3827


Ron Shaffer,