Letters to the Editor 1-23-14


County history

To the Editor:

I love Switzerland County. I love all of its beauty that if offers, every season of every year.

I love all of its riches of people whom live here and make it the community that it is. I have lived here for 35 years. In those 35 years I have been blessed to have many friends.

On Christmas holiday of 2013 I was blessed to receive two books from my dear friend, Helen Parks. It had always been my dream for Helen to write a book on the history of Switzerland County. Helen had taught history for many years about all histories, from our great nation down to our wonderful Switzerland County.

The title of her book is called “There is No History in Switzerland County”.

When I looked at the title I smiles, because one thing I know for sure is, there is an abundance of knowledge in Switzerland County. I was so amazed as I began reading the book. I couldn’t put it down. So many questions I had asked through the years were answered.

From ferry boats to many of our townships, there is much history to learn. Donna Cole has added beautiful illustrations to Helen’s book. Donna has brought out with her drawings the richness and beauty of our county.

If you have never seen Donna’s drawings, they are to be seen everywhere throughout Switzerland County,’

How blessed our we, the people of Switzerland County, to have two such artists in our midst.

Their love for history, their love for our wonderful county and our great heritage is displayed in this wonderful book. If you get to read this book you will be blessed with more knowledge and beauty than you can ever imagine.

Thank you, Helen and Donna, for a wonderful lesson in history.

Well done! Well done!

Tonya Moore,


PS: The second book is a coloring book by Donna Cole. Donna, I love to color and I love your coloring book!