Letters to the Editor 1-22-15


Food for thought

To the Editor:

I have celebrated quite a number of birthdays living here in our beautiful state of Indiana. During my lifetime here on planet earth, I have been very fortunate to have lived a very good life. I have one special person to give thanks to for my very good life spa. That person is our creator God, and each day and night I thank Him for my good life span.

Then I notice a few things going on in our life span. I think about the sports arenas that are usually filled to capacity by attendees who spend several hundreds of dollars to attend a sporting event that they want to see. As you know, for a person to take his family of four, his wife and two children to an event, it may cost him $400 for tickets, $10 or $15 to park his car, $30 or $40 for refreshments during the entertainment, sit in the hot sun, or sit in uncomfortable cold temperatures, fighting auto traffic to get to the event.

This person would not think about the cost or the displeasure of traffic or time to get to the event. But, I have seen a church that had plenty of seats that were available in air conditioned or heated comfort, that are made available for these same individuals to learn about and give thanks to our Savior, who sacrificed the life of His only son to be crucified on a terrible wooden cross so that you and I may spend eternity in Heaven.

This person, our Lord, loves us so much that He did this for you and me. But how do the majority of the people here in our wonderful country of the United States of America thank God for what he had done for us? I wonder, could this be the reason that we are suffering from Ebola, diseases, earthquakes, tornadoes and failures?

What do you think?

Harry N. Brown

Bliss Lane