Letters To The Editor 1-10-13



Dear Editor:

I wanted to take a moment to thank the Jeff-Craig Fire Department. On Sunday we had Amber’s baby shower with guests from all over, several who drove many hours to attend. At the same time Vevay experienced a power outage.

In trying to figure out what to do with 30 women sitting in the dark at the Julia Knox House, I was out front talking with Jeff, when some members of the Jeff-Craig Fire Department stopped by to see if we needed help.

I explained the situation to them, and a few minutes later they returned with several bright battery operated flashlights we used to light the interior and the baby shower went on as planned. I have to thank the Jeff-Craig Fire Department which managed to make 30 women happy for several hours.

You gotta love a small town.


Angie Satterfield



To the Editor:

On behalf of Switzerland County School Corporation we want to thank all of our local community safety officials. They work very hard at providing much needed services for our staff, students, and parents. Along these lines we want the public to know we are diligently working with our community safety officials to provide a safe environment for all students to learn.

This past week Switzerland County Schools, headed by Superintendent Mike Jones, held a safety meeting which included members from local town and county police departments, EMS, Fire Departments, EMA officials and principals. Currently Mike Jones is working with the town and county police departments to create a (SRO) School Resource Officer for our schools.

Other topics discussed included: getting fire departments involved in our monthly drills. This would make it more realistic and better prepare our students, staff, and community. Also, there were discussions on implementing other evacuation drills, having community safety officials review each of our school safety plans (making suggestions), and having staff voluntarily complete on-line safety videos and team meetings covering various types of school intruder scenarios.

All of us want our schools to continue to put safety in the forefront and thanks to our local safety officials, superintendent, and school board that is being done.

 Tony Spoores

 Assistant Principal/Athletic Director

Switzerland County Middle School &

Jefferson-Craig Elementary