Letters to the Editor 3-8-18

America’s Pastor


America’s Pastor

To the Editor:

  Two weeks ago we lost a wonderful man, Billy Graham, “America’s Pastor.” Our loss was Heaven’s gain! What a life, what a witness!

  Even though he traveled the world, rubbed shoulders with Kings and Queens, Presidents and VIPs, he stayed focused on his mission: to tell people the Gospel of Jesus Christ, the “Good News.”

  In all he stayed a humble man, wanting little for himself, not laying up treasures for himself, but laying up treasures in Heaven. This one man has left a lasting legacy and we thank God for him. His one aim in life was to bring people to Christ by way of the cross.

  As we soon celebrate Easter, may we truly reflect on the true meaning of Easter, that is what Reverend Graham would have us do.

  May God bless the Graham family, comfort them and may they continue to carry the torch, and preach the word.


Johanna Welch,

near Fairview