Letter to the Editor 11-1-18

Cell tower


Cell tower

To the Editor:

I believe the cell phone tower proposed to be located at 8973 North State Road 56, Vevay, Indiana, will have a significant negative impact on the quality of the human environment.

Based on extensive research regarding the correlation between health dangers and cell radiation there is definitely reason for grave concern. Not near enough time has elapsed for adequate studies to have been done to prove they are safe.

The location of the proposed tower is extremely close to the homes of many residents. These homes include many young children and they are the ones who are at the highest risk from long-term radiation effects.

In addition to the health concerns, local realtors have confirmed that property values can be adversely affected by such a structure.

A third concern is the visual contamination of the rural landscape. Switzerland County is known for its lovely hills and trees and such a tower would dramatically impair this beautiful landscape. Many residents have chosen their homes here based on this being such a picturesque area. A cell tower placed at this location would irrevocably mar this pastoral landscape.

If it is deemed necessary to place a tower in our county it is my opinion that more investigation needs to be done to find a different site with as little negative impact as possible on the human environment.


Diana Barry,

near Jacksonville