Laura Schroer named as new School Board member from Posey Township


Laura Schroer was elected from a field of six candidates on Monday night to replace Vern Waltz as the representative from Posey Township on the Switzerland County School Board.

She will serve out the remainder of the term, which runs through December 31st, 2014, and will be eligible to run for reelection this November.

She and the other five candidates interviewed with current School Board members last Thursday night, and the board officially elected Laura Schroer on Monday night. The other candidates included: Allen Detmer, Carrie Johns, Matt Lieland, Larry Monjar, and Laurice See.

“I’m very excited,” Laura Schroer said after the completion of her first school board meeting.

When asked why she decided to make herself available for consideration for the school board seat, she said that it really came down to family.

“Really, it was my kids,” she said. “(Husband) John and I have lived her 14 years now, and I was a mom for 14 years. I guess I felt like it was time for me to get a little bit more involved. John and I are quite involved. We go to ball games. John coaches at the Y, but I kind of felt like it was my time to do a little something for the community.”

The Schroer family lives on North Bend Farms near Patriot, and as their children have grown, so has involvement in activities. Daughter Emerson is in the eighth grade at Switzerland County Elementary; while son, Sam, is a second grader at Switzerland County Elementary School.

Laura Schroer is originally from Wisconsin, but she and John were living in Seymour, Indiana, when the opportunity came 14 years ago to move to Switzerland County and Patriot.

“I traveled a lot,” she said. “I’ve lived all over the Midwest. In Switzerland County, I’ve lived here 14 years, and this is the longest place I’ve ever lived in my life.”

Laura Schroer has always had an interest in the schools. She said that when daughter Emerson was going to preschool at Aberdeen, Laura became interested in Switzerland County Elementary School. Even though she didn’t currently have children attending the school, she knew that someday her kids would attend, so she began volunteering.

“I thought, ‘I’m just going to go over and see what that school’s all about’, because I didn’t have any kids there,” she said. “I’ve had a face over there at Switzerland County Elementary for quite a few years. I just think that putting my face out there and getting involved and being part of it was important.”


Superintendent Mike Jones said that he was very pleased with the quality of the six candidates who applied for the position.

“We felt that we had six very good candidates, and we were pleased with that,” Mike Jones said. “It shows that there was a lot of interest in the corporation. We had six good interviews. It was a tough decision, but ultimately you have to pick one.”

Each of the candidates interviewed with the board. Five of the six interviewed in person; while candidate Laurice See interviewed by telephone because she was out of the country on vacation when the interviews were set.