Larry Tolbert run held at the Switzerland County YMCA


The Switzerland County YMCA has announced the winners of its Larry Tolbert 5 k and 10k run.

In the 5k run, the overall winner was Cooper Hon, who covered the course in a time of 24:01. Finishing second in the male division of the 5k was Alec Rathje, who ran a time of 25:46.

Leading the way in the female division of the 5k was winner Courtney Higgins, who finished in a time of 29:52; while Susie Swank finished second in a time of 30:01.

Other participants in the 5k included: 14 and under, female: Adara Hon, 30:46; 14 and under, male: Avery Osowski, 27:07; Hudson Archer, 31:05; Cale Collier, 31:06; 15-19 female: Makenna Thorwarth, 44:29; Katie Sego, 53:45; Hailey Gerster, 56:15; 20-29 female: Kodi Applegate, 55:30; 20-29 male: Mickey Turner, 55:31; 30-39 female: Katie Collier, 31:12; Melissa King, 41:30; Jennifer Crabtree, 48:02; Crystal Higgins, 59:15; 40-49 female: Lorrie Hon, 32:01; Carol Smith, 48:01; Kathy Sego, 53:47; 40-49 male: Otto Thorwarth, 44:28; Eric Cole, 44:55; 50-59, female: Mary Osowski, 31:51; Traci Pavy, 39:25; Daniele Tolbert, 65:16; 50-59, male: Rory Rathje, 28:04; Dan Osowski, 29:00; 60-69, male: Rod Dickerson, 65:18; 70 and up, female: Barbara Whipp, 69:40; and 70 and up, male: Bill Whipp, 52:12; John Keeton, 53:06; and Larry Tolbert, 65:17.


In the 10k race, the top overall male winner was Adam Cole, who ran a time of 48:21; while the top overall female winner was Amie Lowe in a time of 49:49. Amy Combs was the second overall female runner, finishing in a time of 59:56.

Other participants in the 10k included: 14 and under, female: Sarah Willhite, 69:44; 30-39, female: Crystal Otter, 63:24; and 40-49, female: Melanie Banks, 69:45.