Lady Pacers tame Lady Mustangs as three land in double figures, 58-50


The Switzerland County Lady Pacers jumped out to a big lead early in their game with New Washington on Saturday afternoon, and then withstood the Lady Mustang rally to claim the victory, 58-50.

The Lady Pacers fought hard for the win Saturday without starting player April Thieman — who was home sick but who was still getting game updates via text messaging from friends.

The Lady Pacers grabbed the tip off, and Ashley Chase opened up the game with a three-point shot. The Lady Mustangs, not to be outdone, hit two three-point shots to take the lead 6-3.

Scoring was tight in the first quarter, as Kodi Driver and Natalie Daugherty each scored a basket and the Lady Mustangs would reply and do the same taking the score to 10-7 in favor of New Washington.

Ashley Chase would then be sent to the foul line, gaining a point and then added a basket matching the score 10-10. The Lady Mustangs scored two more baskets and Lady Pacer Natalie Daugherty and Ashley Chase each scored a basket keeping the score tied 14-14. The Lady Mustangs would score one more basket but Lady Pacer Ashley Bright would finish the period with two baskets giving the Lady Pacers the lead, 18-16.

Natalie Daugherty started off the second quarter with a basket, expanding the lead 20-16; but Switzerland County couldn’t shake New Washington, as the Lady Mustangs added a basket to close in on the lead, 20-18.

Ashley Bright then added a basket and was fouled chipping in another point at the line. Courtney Cole and Ashley Chase each added a basket expanding the lead 27-18. The Lady Mustangs made several attempts to score but Lady Mustang Kaelin Tuell was only successful for a three-point shot trailing now by a score of 27-21.

Amber Smith added a basket for the Lady Pacers and Ashley Bright added another bucket and was fouled, and then converted the traditional three-point play. Natalie Daugherty then had a nice rebound and went back up for two escalating the lead 34-21.

The Lady Mustangs hit one last basket for the first half at 3:34 — but the Lady Pacers were not done scoring. Before going into half time Ashley Chase, Amber Smith and Courtney Cole each scored a basket ending the quarter with the Lady Pacers claiming a big 40-23 lead.

The second quarter was a strong one for the Lady Pacers outscoring the Lady Mustangs 22-7; and it was needed — as the Lady Mustangs came back in the third quarter ready to score.

Ashley Chase started the third quarter with a basket but the Lady Mustangs went on a run with three baskets and two more points at the foul line. Ashley Chase would add another basket to the Lady Pacers score before the Lady Mustangs would go on another run adding three baskets and three points from the foul line; the Lady Mustangs had diminished the Lady Pacers lead now to 44-40.

With 1:14 left on the clock, Natalie Daugherty scored for the Lady Pacers — but the Lady Mustangs would answer back with a three-point shot ending the third quarter with the Lady Pacers now leading by only three points, 46-43. The Lady Mustangs had outscored the Lady Pacers 20-6 in the third eight-minute period; and what appeared to be a blow out at halftime was now a cliff hanger as both teams headed to the final period.

Courtney Cole scored first in the last quarter with a basket and chipped in a point at the foul line to swell the lead to 49-43; but the Lady Mustangs then scored two baskets to get within two points, 49-47.

Ashley Chase scored a basket; but again the Lady Mustangs countered with a three-point basket — putting only one point between the two teams, with the score 51-50.

Ashley Chase scored a basket with 2:15 left on the clock to give the Lady Pacers a three point lead 53-50, but Switzerland County still couldn’t breathe easy as the Lady Mustangs were still trying to pull out the road win.

Nearing the end of the game with 1:22 left on the clock, each team had score seven fourth quarter points, so it was anyone’s game heading into the closing minute.

The Lady Mustangs tried to get possession of the ball but ended up fouling the Lady Pacers several times before the game would end. Ashley Bright was sent to the line adding two points; Ashley Chase added one at the line and Courtney Cole finished the game at the line chipping in two points; finishing the game with a win for the Lady Pacers, 58-50.

Three Lady Pacers were in double digits: Ashley Chase with 21 points and had six rebounds; Ashley Bright with 12 points and six rebounds and Natalie Daugherty with 10 points and seven assists.

Courtney Cole — who seems to have recovered well from knee surgery — had seven points in her second game back, and also had eight rebounds. Amber Smith added four; while Kodi Driver chipped in two.


The Lady Pacers jayvee team lost to New Washington by a final score of 28-24.

Starters for the game were Beth Abbott, Heather Thomas, Christina Ahaus, Karista Wengert, and Jenna Daugherty.

Scoring for the team was Morgan Ross and Tanya Sefton with eight points each; while Lauren Chase and Megan McCarty each added four points.