Lady Pacers fall to Jac-Cen-Del in physical battle; half Switzerland County points from freethrow line


The Switzerland County Lady Pacers lost 59-36 in an intense physical game to the Jac-Cen-Del Lady Eagles Tuesday night.

The Lady Pacers held their own the first quarter, keeping up with the fast pace that the Lady Eagles set for them; and trailed by no more than seven points in the first quarter.

Ashley Chase scored three baskets and added a foul shot; Ashley Bright also scored a basket in the first quarter. April Thieman chipped in two at the foul line and Courtney Cole also finished the quarter adding a point at the foul line ending the quarter trailing 17-12.

The Lady Pacers, still trying to keep up with the physical game the Lady Eagles were playing, stayed within reach during the second quarter.

Courtney Cole and Ashley Chase both scored baskets at the beginning of the period; and Switzerland County was within three points of the Lady Eagles when the clock read 6:34. Courtney Cole added a point for the Lady Pacers at the foul line; and Ashley Chase and Ashley Bright would add two points each at the foul line before the quarter ended.

The foul line seemed to be a familiar place for the Lady Pacers to add to the score. Switzerland County didn’t seem to adapt to the physical intensity of the game, looking up in dismay at times when the foul was called on them — wondering what had just happened.

The intense energy of the game also flowed through the crowd and fans were on their feet several times during the game to give opinions of calls they thought were unfair. The Lady Pacers, having no luck making baskets, were outscored 16-11 during the second quarter; and ended the half trailing by a score of 33-23.

Natalie Daugherty was the only Lady Pacer to score a basket in the first minute of the third quarter; but Ashley Chase and Courtney Cole both added to the Lady Pacer score a point each at the foul line. The Lady Eagles continued on their scoring run and the quarter ended with the Lady Eagles outscoring the Lady Pacers 13-4 and ending the third period 46-27.

In the fourth quarter the Lady Eagles didn’t have a problem hitting several shots while the Lady Pacers added points at the “old faithful foul line”.

Ashley Chase added five points at the line and Courtney Cole added two at the stripe. April Thieman, with 1:20 left on the clock, finally hit a basket for the Lady Pacers; and Morgan Ross scored the final points Switzerland County — fittingly at the foul line — chipping in the last point to end the game with a score of 59-36, with the Lady Eagles in front.

For Switzerland County, the freethrow line really did tell the story of the game, with 18 of the 36 points that the Lady Pacers scored coming at the foul line.

Ashley Chase scored 19 points while Courtney Cole added six; April Thieman and Ashley Bright each had four. Natalie Daugherty added two and Morgan Ross contributed in one.

The Lady Pacers return to action at noon this Saturday at home against Charlestown High School.


The jayvee Lady Pacers lost to Jac-Cen-Del by a final score of 39-31.

Scoring for the jayvee team were Morgan Ross and Tanya Sefton with 13 each; while Megan McCarty finished with three and Heather Thomas finished with two.