Lady Pacers fall to Charlestown, 73-45


Switzerland County battled hard against Class 3A Charlestown last Thursday night, but in the end the Lady Pacers fell to the bigger school by a score of 73-45.

The Lady Pirates were first to score; but Lady Pacer Tanya Sefton quickly answered for Switzerland County. Charlestown was able to keep the lead in the first four minutes of the period, going up by six, 8-2.

Lady Pacer Morgan Ross then scored two points and Tanya Sefton followed with another shot to narrow the game; but the Lady Pirates answered back, pulling back out to a 12-6 advantage. April Thieman then connected on a bucket; Tanya Sefton followed with a basket; and Amber Smith finished the quarter with a three-pointer to push Switzerland County into the lead, 13-12.

In the second quarter the Lady Pacers couldn’t stay ahead; not even with Ashley Bright’s three-point connections; as Charlestown outscored the Lady Pacers 17-13, ending the first half with Switzerland County trailing, 29-26.

In the third quarter, Ashley Bright once again connected on a three-point bucket and Morgan Ross gained two points to keep Switzerland County in the game. April Thieman also connected a basket and one point at the line. Those would be the only points that the Lady Pacers would have in the period, however, as Charlestown poured the ball inside to its 6’1″ center, LaTonya Lloyd, for easy buckets.

The third quarter ended with the Lady Pacers in a deep hole, 51-37.

The last quarter saw Morgan Ross score a bucket and Tanya Sefton connect on two baskets; and Shana Todd was last to score for the Lady Pacers, adding two points from the line.

Lady Pirate LaTonya Lloyd scored 29 points for the Lady Pirates during the game; while teammate Katie Jackson scored 19 points.

The Lady Pacers finished on the losing end with a score of 73-45.

Top scorer in double figures for the Lady Pacers was Ashley Bright with 16 points, including four three-pointers, two assists and one steal. Tanya Sefton also finished in double figures, scoring 12 points along with two assists and two steals.

Morgan Ross and April Thieman each finished with six points; while Amber Smith earned a three-pointer. Shana Todd earned two points at the line and Megan McCarty added two steals and two assists.


The Switzerland County jayvee team also lost at Charlestown.

Top scorer for the Lady Pacers jayvee team was Shana Todd with four points; and she also had five rebounds and two steals. Karista Wengert earned three points, and added a steal; while Maggie Armstrong, Jenna Daugherty, Carrie Truax, Katie Rayls and Lauren Chase each had two points. Christina Ahaus added a point and Hailee Smith had a steal.