Lady Pacers extend winning streak with win over New Albany


The Switzerland County Lady Pacers kept their winning streak alive as they won Tuesday night against the New Albany Lady Bulldogs.

The Lady Bulldogs had previously played Madison five days earlier to get a win, but did not succeed with the Lady Pacers. The Lady Pacers started out on a scoring streak to set the tone, adding 12 points before letting the Lady Bulldogs score. Defensive play was very impressive, with April Thieman under the basket and Natalie Daugherty all over the floor.

Ashley Chase and Natalie Daugherty had contributed the first 12 points; and Ashley Bright added two three-point shots and a basket. The Lady Bulldogs then scored a basket and Ashley Chase responded with a three-point basket taking the score to 15-2. The Lady Bulldogs scored two more baskets before the quarter ended but, Ashley Chase finished off the quarter scoring a basket ending the quarter, 17-6.

During the second quarter it seemed the Lady Bulldogs were attempting to take control of the game when they scored twice, cutting the lead the Lady Pacers had back to 17-10. Ashley Chase then scored for the Lady Pacers with the only shot successful for Switzerland County in the second quarter. The Lady Bulldogs then tried to take control with a three-point shot, and a basket getting the score even closer 19-15.

The Lady Pacers, with 1:27 left in the half, took a full time out trying to find the rhythm they had in the first quarter. The half would end with Amber Smith going to the foul line and being successful for two points; and the Lady Bulldogs also at the line adding one ending the half 21-16 with Switzerland County out in front.

The third quarter started with Ashley Chase scoring for the Lady Pacers. The Lady Bulldogs then replied with two baskets of their own adding four points to their side and closing the gap to 23-20. Ashley Bright and Ashley Chase both scored baskets; and Ashley Chase added a point at the foul line to expand the lead to 28-20.

New Albany then two baskets, but Lady Pacer Kodi Driver responded with a basket to keep the lead at six points, 30-24.

The Lady Bulldogs then hit a three-point shot to narrow the lead to just three; but Ashley Chase stopped any hopes of a New Albany run with a three-point shot for the Lady Pacers. New Albany came right back, responding with a basket to end the quarter down by four, 33-29.

The Lady Pacers were outscored in the quarter by a 13-12 count, but were managing to hang onto their lead against the bigger New Albany school with just a quarter left to play.

New Albany’s Taylor Fountain scored three baskets and a foul shot in the first five minutes of the final quarter; but Switzerland County continued to respond on their offensive end of the floor, keeping the Lady Bulldogs at bay as the game wound down.

The Lady Pacers all took part in adding points on their side during the final eight minutes.

April Thieman was first to score in the quarter and added four points total in the first five minutes.

Amber Smith added a shot and Kodi Driver added a three-point shot while Ashley Chase added two at the foul line, Lady Pacers still in the lead 44-36.

Ashley Bright was then sent to the foul line three times while the Lady Bulldogs tried to take control of the ball game, and she was successful at adding four more points to the score. The Lady Bulldogs would add another point at the foul line — and so would Ashley Bright, keeping the lead at a distance 49-37.

With seconds left in the game the Lady Bulldogs tried several attempts at three-point shots, and New Albany was successful at one of those, and then hit a two point shot to tighten the score.

Ashley Bright and Ashley Chase were both sent to the foul line as New Albany fouled trying to get the ball back; but both Lady Pacers were successful at the charity stripe, chipping in two more points each to expand the lead to 11 points, 53-42.

The Lady Bulldogs made a last three-point shot with just a few seconds on the clock, ending their scoring. Ashley Chase was sent to the foul line one last time for the Lady Pacers, gaining two more points for the Lady Pacers and ending the game with a 55-45 victory for Switzerland County.

Leading the Lady Pacers in scoring was Ashley Chase with 23 points and Ashley Bright with 17. Kodi Driver had five points, April Thieman and Amber Smith each had four points while Natalie Daugherty chipped in two.


The Lady Pacer junior varsity team was also successful with an aggressive win against the Lady Bulldogs. Leading the team in double digits was Lauren Chase with 10 points. Amber Smith had seven points and Megan McCarty added four. Tanya Sefton had three points; and Karista Wengert, Kaitlyn Rayls, and Morgan Ross all chipped in two.