Kyatalin Baker, Dakota Fields are Little Miss, Little Mister of Fair


Switzerland County Fair Week officially kicked off on Monday night with the crowning of Kyatalin Baker and Dakota Fields as this year’s Little Miss and Little Mister of the 2013 Fair.

The duo was from an outstanding field of young people, and they will now reign along with Queen Emily White and her court for the rest of the fair.

Kyatalin Baker is seven years old and is the daughter of Marlene and Deron Baker of near East Enterprise. She likes to dance, and in Monday’s program she was dressed as a ballerina; and she also enjoys reading, camping, and sewing.

Her favorite foods are tacos and biscuits and gravy; and her favorite television shows are Wild Kratts and Electric Company. She has three pets: ‘Saddie’ the dog; ‘Smokey’ the pony; and ‘Floppsy’ the goat.

Dakota Fields is the son of Reuben and Myra Fields of near Bennington; and he is six years old.

His favorite foods are deer steak and pizza; and his favorite TV shows are all of the hunting shows. In Monday’s program, he was dressed as a hunter.

He enjoys hunting and fishing, riding dirt bikes, and playing with his cousins; and he has a dog, ‘Midge’; a cat named ‘Cleo’; and a lizard named ‘Jake’.

The first runner up for Little Miss was Cloe Ballard. She is the daughter of Aimee Ballard and Donnie Ballard, and is seven years old.

She enjoys ballet, jazz, riding horses, and swimming; and her favorite food is corn on the cob. She has many pets, including horses, rabbits, cats, dogs, guinea pigs, and guineas.

She was dressed as a dancer on Monday night.

Peyton Richards, the son of James and Jill Richards of Vevay, was chosen as the first runner up for Little Mister. He is five years old; and was dressed as a police officer on Monday night for the program.

His hobbies include wrestling, baseball, football, basketball, and soccer; and he was a dog named ‘Max’ and a cat named ‘Zoey’. His favorite foods are strawberries, yogurt, and spaghetti and meatballs.

Seven-year old Ava Cole was selected as the second runner up for Little Miss on Monday night. She is the daughter of Adam and Amanda Cole of near Center Square. She was dressed as a teacher on Monday night.

She enjoys dance and painting; and her favorite food is Chinese. She has three pets: ‘Dixie’, ‘Mittens’, and ‘Pepe’.

The second runner up for Little Mister was Sorren Russell. He is five years old, and is the son of Alan Russell and Rhashell Romans. He was dressed as a hunter on Monday night.

He enjoys hunting, fishing, swimming, riding bikes, and reading books; and his favorite foods and sweets and treats. He has a dog named ‘Popeye’, a cat named ‘Persimmon’, a turtle named ‘Herman’, and Hermit Crabs.

Other girls in the Little Miss competition included: Isabella Breeck, Emma Curry, Ashlyn Covington, Macy Collier, Marilynn Dalrymple, Skyla Morgan, Rheanna Ware, and Allena Weaver.

Boys competing in the Little Mister program included: Cale Collier, Aiden Covington, Landon Peelman, Ethan Rose, Ethan Weaver, and Jackson White.