Kendal Miller new Executive Director of Switzerland County Tourism


Switzerland County Tourism has a new Executive Director, but she’s no stranger to promoting Switzerland County.

Kendal Miller was hired by the board of directors approximately two weeks ago, and began her new official duties this past Monday.

She previously worked for tourism, and for the past year she has been working on public relations in a freelance capacity. That work, along with her background, gives her strong qualifications to lead the tourism office.

Prior to assuming her new responsibilities, Kendal Miller worked as the Public Outreach Coordinator for Marketing and Education for the Southeastern Indiana Recycling District, a position that she held for about two years.

” I am definitely excited,” Kendal Miller said of her new duties. “Basically right now I’m just trying to see where the organization is at this moment, and seeing what needs to be done and what needs to be expanded on.”

She’s also coming on board just as the prime tourism season is getting underway, so that’s going to keep her busy, as well.

“We working on events,” she said. “We have the ‘Creative Spaces, Rural Places’ coming up. Actually I have been working with the events with the freelancing, so now I’ll be doing the events from the office here rather than doing them from home.”

Along with the ‘Creative Spaces, Rural Places’ tour, she and her staff, which includes Jenna South and Ann Farnsley in Vevay along with a staff who works at the tourism office located at Belterra Casino Resort and Spa, are also turning their attentions to other events such as the upcoming Cabela’s “King Kat” fishing tournament and the “On the River” car show – along with traditional projects like the Swiss Wine Festival; and there’s also Vevay’s Bicentennial, which will be celebrated this October.

“There’s definitely a lot going on,” Kendal Miller laughed. “Things are going to be really busy around here.”

“We’re updating computers and seeing where events are sitting from their perspective and just getting to know the employees and their schedules,” Kendal Miller said. “There’s lots of things to learn that I haven’t dealt with as I’ve been working from my house. The nuts and bolts of how things run in the organization.”

Anita Danner, who has been working as the interim director of tourism while the permanent search was undertaken, will stay on for awhile to help Kendal Miller with the transition.

“I’m looking forward to working with the organization,” Kendal Miller said. “Onward and upward. We just want to do some great things here in the area and hopefully get more people into town. We want to let everybody know what a beautiful place we’ve got here, and welcome everybody from all different areas.”


Kendal Miller is originally from Elizabeth, Pennsylvania, a community just outside of Pittsburgh. After high school she attended business school in downtown Pittsburgh; and then she moved to Panama City, Florida.

She resided in Panama City for 21 years, where she had her own business for 15 years and then worked for several non-profit organizations in a freelance role, and she also worked full time for Goodwill Industries working with public relations and also as its retail trainer.

She also did freelance writing and photography for newspapers while living in Florida.

From there, she moved to Kentucky, where she lived and worked in LaGrange, Kentucky for two years, working for the “Oldham Era” newspaper.

It was there that she met her husband, Lenny Miller, who lived in Dillsboro, Indiana. That led to her move to around the Bear Branch area about seven years ago. Lenny Miller is a quality engineer for Aisin USA, which is located in Seymour, Indiana.