Keith Smith takes over presidency of Vevay Town Council


The three members of the Vevay Town Council have divided their four-year term into three 16-month terms, with each member of the board assuming the presidency of the board for one of those terms.

Jamie Hayes has now completed his term; and at Monday’s meeting of the Vevay Town Council, Keith Smith began his 16-month run as the board president. Pete Furnish will complete the terms.

Monday’s meeting was opened with a discussion of the Farmers Market, with several people attending the meeting in support of the Farmers Market. After some discussion, councilman Pete Furnish told the group that the town council is willing to help in any way needed; but would rather not govern the Farmers Market.

The members of the Farmers Market told the Vevay Town Council that they will be rewriting their rules and dates, and will be presenting them to the town council at a later meeting.

The town will also be hiring a new officer in the near future, and at Monday’s meeting town attorney Greg Coy told the board that he is working on an agreement for new police officers that are hired and then the town pays to send to the State Police Academy, which is required during an officer’s first year of service if he or she has not already attended.

In the past officers have been hired by the town, but soon after returning from the academy, they have resigned to take more lucrative jobs in bigger departments. Because of the feeling that small departments like Vevay’s are assuming all of the financial obligations of sending an officer but are not getting a return on their investment; the town council had asked Greg Coy to work on an agreement that new officers will have to sign.

The proposed agreement states that once the town pays for a new officer to attend the academy, that officer must stay employed by the town for a certain period of time. If the officer leaves before that time is up, he or she must repay the town its expense incurred in sending the officer to the academy.


In other business discussed by the Vevay Town Council:

— The town council approved putting a time clock and a radio at the cemetery building.

— The town received and reviewed a letter written by Switzerland County School Superintendent Tracy Caddell and High School Principal Derek Marshall concerning the condition of the property behind the athletic fields and the Jefferson-Craig Elementary School playground.

The property is an eyesore and possibly a health hazard to school children because of the debris dumped on the property. Attorney Greg Coy will investigate to see if the property is in the town limits, or if it is a county problem.

— The town council said that it wants to get the new street sweeper up and running as soon as possible, and that a schedule needs to be established on when and at what times the sweeper will be run.

— The town council discussed a drainage problem at 517 Walnut Street. Town superintendent Terry Brindley told the council that in order to put in a new and bigger culvert to correct the problem that the gas lines will need to be moved. Terry Brindley will discuss the matter with SWITZCO and report back to the board.

— Resident John Kniola thanked the town council for paving the alley behind the post office. He also expressed concerns about the condition of the former video store at 601 West Main Street, noting that no repairs or clean up seem to be taking place. The town council has asked town marshal Brian Morton to investigate the matter and possibly level a fine on the owner.

— Terry Brindley told the town council that he needs to get something done with the fence at the water tank. The town council told Terry Brindley to get in touch with Mike Meyer of SIECO to see what needs to be done.

— Terry Brindley also told the town council that SWITZCO has a company in town that is running new gas lines. The town council had earlier agreed to run lines into the company house of the former U.S. Shoe Corporation building, which is now owned by the town.

— The water hydrant at the Switzerland County YMCA is leaking and needs to be replaced. The town council discussed either moving the hydrant or building up the ground around the hydrant. The council decided to leave the hydrant where it is and build up the area around it.

— The next meeting of the Vevay Town Council will be held on Monday evening, May 23rd. The meeting will begin at 6:30 p.m., and will be held on the main floor of town hall. All citizens are welcome to attend.