John Druba is new Middle School Principal


Calling himself an “Old face with fresh ideas”, John Druba says that he is excited about his new position as principal of Switzerland County Middle School.

He was named as the school’s new principal at Monday night’s meeting of the Switzerland County School Board. His hiring came after the school board accepted the resignation of Nancy Stearns from her principal’s post.

“If I’m not excited, then they’ve got the wrong person for the job,” John Druba said in a telephone conversation this week while he is visiting family in New York. “I’ve already gotten a call from Dr. Jones saying that they are going to have a rummage sale from cleaning out my old office.”

John Druba is no stranger to the Switzerland County School Corporation or to the middle school.

He originally came to the corporation in the 1977-78 school year, teaching sophomore English at the high School. When the new middle school opened, he moved there as the Dean of Students and Athletic Director – a job he has continued to hold until his new hiring on Monday night.

“I feel that knowing the staff and the school and the students is going to be a big positive moving forward,” John Druba said. “I think it is tremendously beneficial to know virtually everybody working with me. I’m ready to go.”

Currently the vast majority of the middle school staff, non-certified and certified, will be returning in the fall, and Principal Druba feels that it says a lot about the building.

“When you don’t have turnover, it tells you that it must be a good place to work,” he said.

One of the “new faces” that will be at the middle school is – like the new principal – simply an old face in a new place.

Also at Monday’s meeting, the school board hired science teacher Tony Spoores to replace John Druba as the Dean of Students and Athletic Director.

“We’re also getting Tony,” John Druba said. “Just like myself, Tony is very excited. I’m sure we’re going to make a great team. The entire staff is going to be a part of this team.”

One area that the new principal will focus on as the school year begins in the fall is in the area of bullying by students.

John Druba is drawing a straight and narrow line in the sand when it comes to taunting of students.

“One of the things that I want to work on is name calling and bullying,” John Druba said. “I want to get that to as close to zero as humanly possible. No child should have to come to school and be concerned about being called names or bullied. I will have zero tolerance for that.”

John Druba and his wife, Joyce, live near Madison; and he is the father of three: son Justin will be a senior this fall at Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology studying biomedical mechanical engineering; daughter Jennifer will be a senior this fall at Ball State University majoring in education; and son Jay will be a sophomore at Franklin College this fall majoring in communications.