Joe Michna of Switzerland County EMS earns state award


Joe Michna of Switzerland County Emergency Services has been awarded the state’s “Emergency Medical Services for Children” award by the Indiana Department of Homeland Security.

The award was presented as part of the 28th annual Emergency Response Conference that was held in September.

Joe Michna was nominated for the award by Randy See, director of Switzerland County EMS. Joe Michna is a paramedic with the local unit here, and was nominated for his actions involving a 10-year old patient in July of this year.

“Paramedic Joe Michna experienced a 10-year old patient having a severe allergic reaction to latex,” Randy See wrote in his letter of nomination. “Upon EMS arrival, patient was experiencing extreme difficulty breathing, frightened, and somewhat combative. The patient advised Michna that he was not going to start an IV because the patient was afraid of needles. The patient had proven to Michna that an IV would not be tolerated.”

Randy See said that others involved in the run that day included Moorefield Volunteer Fire Department first responders K.C. and Barbara Banta; and EMT Paul Furnish with Switzerland County EMS.

Randy See’s nomination continued to tell the story of that day.

“Michna showed the patient an Epi-pen and asked if he could put it against the patient’s leg. He advised the patient that it might feel like a bee sting,” the nomination letter continued. “The patient agreed, and Michna administered the Epi and the patient showed marked improvement within minutes. Michna kept the patient calm and reassured the remainder of the trip to the hospital.”

Joe Michna also works with the PALS program, and has assisted at a local summer camp.

“Joe Michna is an everyday hero,” the nomination concluded. “He is very knowledgeable, skilled, and compassionate. He treats every patient like they are his own family. It is obvious that Michna is doing what he loves to do. His patients are very fortunate to have him as their health care provider.”