Jefferson-Craig play tells the story of this country’s founding


With the cold weather outside, those who attended Monday night’s performance of “The American Revolution: 1763-1789” might have thought they were at Valley Forge.

Instead, they were in the Switzerland County High School cafeteria watching the play, which was performed by the Jefferson-Craig Elementary School drama club.

The play was originally set for last Wednesday evening, but last week’s winter storm canceled school last Wednesday, and the play. The production was then reset for Monday night, and even though more winter weather was predicted for Monday and Tuesday, all of the weather held off until the children got the production performed.

The play told the story of the founding of the United States, as told by different key figures in history. It was also a musical, with all of the cast members singing and dancing to the delight of all in attendance.

Some of the portrayals included Vicky Abbott as Betsy Ross; Kyle Konkle as King George III; Quinten Freeman as John Adams; Grant Semmel as Sam Adams; Michael Scott as Patrick Henry; Erika Coy as John Jay; Lauren Haskell as Paul Revere; Austin Peelman as Benjamin Franklin; Josie Giglio as Thomas Jefferson; Rhea Dawn Powell as John Hancock; Courtney Gullion as James Madison; and Kelsi Konkle as Alexander Hamilton.

Also in the production were the plays narrators and hosts: Breanna Ricketts, Kayla Hall, and Tyler Covington; along with cast members: Gabby Baker, Bradley Cox, Adeli Kinne, Courtney Hall, Kyla Ramsey, Destiny Brown, Brittany Felts, Morgan Stamper, Cheyenne Evans, Brooke Todd, Winter McCready, Kyle Carfield, and Shelby Cole.

The play was directed by Jacquita Lanman.