Jeff-Craig 6th graders win league title


The sixth grade boys basketball team from Jefferson-Craig Elementary School captured the Madison league title with an undefeated record, and now head into tournament play this weekend.

Here’s a wrap up of the squad’s last three games:

– On January 19th, the “A” squad defeated Southwestern by an 83-14 score.

Kollin Hayes led Jefferson-Craig with 28 points; while Hunter Hayes had 18 points; Colton Allen had 15 points; Casper Stow added 10 points; and Dakota Fuller finished with nine.

– The “B” team also defeated Southwestern that day by a 38-17 score.

Justin Green led the team with 14 points; while Mason Spurlock had nine points; Will Pike added six points; Owen Wagner had five points; and Zack Wainscott added four points.

– On January 23rd, Jefferson-Craig defeated Madison Shawe by a 37-22 score.

Kollin Hayes was the leading scorer, finishing with 15 points; while Casper Stow had seven and Dakota Fuller contributed six.

Hunter Hayes had four points; Colton Allen and Zack Wainscott had two points each; and Justin Green had one point.