James, McAlister, Fritter, McAllister all win reelection


In other county races this year, all four incumbents were reelected to four-year terms.


In the only contested race of the four, Democrat incumbent County Treasurer Vickie Bailey James defeated Republican challenger Kay Cook.

Vickie James received 1,988 votes; while Kay Cook finished with 1,343 votes.

Vickie James won 10 of the county’s 12 precincts: Cotton I, Cotton II, Craig II, Jefferson I, Jefferson II, Jefferson III, Pleasant I, Pleasant II, Posey I, and York.

Her biggest margin came in Jefferson I precinct, where she earned 66.76-percent of the vote, winning by a margin of 249-124.

Kay Cook won Craig I and Posey II precincts, with her win in the Craig I precinct being the largest, when she received 52.10-percent of the vote, winning by a 87-80 margin.


There were three other county offices that were unopposed: County Surveyor, County Recorder, and County Coroner.

In the surveyor’s office, Republican Brian McAllister was reelected to another four year term.

Democrat Darla McAlister was reelected to another four year team as County Recorder.

Democrat Lewis Fritter will serve another four year term as County Coroner beginning on January 1st.