Jail demolition


To the Editor:

Kudos to Bovard and Leap for a job well one-half done.

Raspberries to the county commissioners for their end-run around the historical society and all other constituents with any interest in the old jail.

Yes, I believe it was, and is, now even more of an eyesore, but;

If the county commissioners were intent on keeping a part of the jail, it seems they would have kept the part that had some utilitarian value (i.e. office space), instead of the barred block building that remains, which by any standards, is pretty much useless.

Since I wrote to you about the jail last fall numerous people have expressed their opinions to me. While the majority seemed to agree with what I had written, there were plenty of dissenting views.

It seems the commissioners took my advice and had the building demolished before anyone could object. That bothers me.

Part of my intent in writing the previous letter was to open public discourse on the fate of the old jail. To my knowledge, the subject was not discussed at any recent commissioners’ meetings. How then was this decision arrived at?

Steve Bladen

Tapps Ridge