It’s Movie Night in the County: Hoosier Theater offers monthly showings

  There’s nothing like watching a great movie on a big screen. A theater filled with other fans. It’s more than a film, it’s an experience.


  There’s nothing like watching a great movie on a big screen. A theater filled with other fans. It’s more than a film, it’s an experience.

  Did you know that now you don’t have to travel to the city to get the movie-going experience?

  You can have it right here in Switzerland County.

  The Historic Hoosier Theater in Vevay, through a grant from the Community Foundation of Switzerland County, is showing top-run movies every month on its state of the art projection screen — the same sized screen that you would find in a modern movie theater.

  The difference? Most films carry an admission charge of $3, and traditional movie concessions are just $1.

  The next showing is tomorrow (Friday) night, when the film “Pitch Perfect 2” will be shown as a part of the ‘First Friday’ celebration. The movie begins at 8 p.m.

  “It is a state-of-the-art movie theater system that we installed last year, thanks to a grant received from the Community Foundation,” theater board member Adam Griffin said. “It is a 226-inch screen, which is a typical movie theater size. For people who are familiar with how big the stage is at the theater, the screen literally encompasses the entire opening of the stage.”

  Griffin said that the entire system, including the screen, was over $30,000, so there’s been a lot of money spent to give Switzerland County residents and other visitors a top quality experience.

  “It’s three bucks for the admission, and then all of our concessions – popcorn, candy bars, peanuts, drinks, everything is just a buck. You can’t pay those prices in the bigger theaters,” Griffin said.

  The regular movie schedule has a film on the second Saturday night of each month.

  “We’ve started pulling in some of the newer releases,” Griffin said. “This month we’re doing ‘Paddington 2’. Last month we did the brand new Justice League. We’ve got the brand new Star Wars that just came out back in the winter that’s going to be shown later this year.”

  Griffin said that the theater will also be showing some classic films as well, including “Some Came Running”, a movie starring Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, and Shirley MacLaine that was filmed in Madison.

  The Vevay classic, “A Girl Named Sooner”, was shown earlier this year to a nearly full house.

  “This Friday it’s ‘Pitch Perfect 2’. We went and asked the high school kids what kind of a series they’d like to see, like ‘The Hunger Games’,” Griffin said. “They all asked for the ‘Pitch Perfect’ series; so we’re showing ‘Pitch Perfect 2’ on Friday night at 8 p.m., and then next month we’ll be showing the brand new ‘Pitch Perfect 3’, which just came out on DVD about a week ago.”

  Griffin said that the Friday night series of films is in addition to the regular second Saturday films, which will present ‘Paddington 2’ on Saturday, May 12th.

  The Second Saturday movies begin at 7 p.m., witch advance tickets available at the Visitors Center and also tickets are available at the door that night of the showing.

  But with all of the movies, the theater board wants everyone to know that it isn’t just a building showing movies.

  “We want people to understand that we’re not just doing movies,” Griffin said. “We’re still doing the things that the theater always has done. We’ve got the Peter Pan Ballet this Sunday from the Cincinnati Kinderballet, which we’ve done for years. The marionettes were just here. We’re still doing live theater productions like we always have.”

  The Peter Pan Ballet this Sunday will be presented at 2 p.m., and there is a $5 admission.

  The movies provide the community with another option on something to do; and they also help remind everyone that the theater  is still a vibrant and viable option.

  “We’re trying to get people in, and for people to know that the theater is still open,” Griffin said. “That’s the message that we’re trying to get out. People who have come have told us that they thought this place was closed up and we weren’t doing anything. We are very much still here, and there’s a lot going on. For everybody who says, ‘there’s nothing to do in Vevay’, we’re doing our best to provide up to date shows and movies. We need the community to come and support our efforts.”

  The theater board consists of President Connie Adams, Vice President Adele Percer-Snook, Secretary Tara Flint; Treasurer Tonya Krall and board members: Griffin, Fred Stave, Patty Chase, Spike Wright, John Kniola, and Libby Kinman.

  The full schedule of movies can be seen by visiting