Is winter finally arriving? Snow predicted this weekend


Is winter finally going to arrive in Switzerland County?

It depends on who you talk to.

Reports from National Weather Services are saying that Switzerland County and other parts of the Midwest could see a winter storm this weekend, but to what degree the storm will leave snow has varied.

Initial reports predicted as much at nine inches in this area of the country over the weekend; while other forecasts have called from one to three inches; down to less than an inch of accumulation.

Early forecasts were calling for as much as eight inches here on Saturday, but revised forecasts released Wednesday morning had lowered that guess to about two inches; with the central part of the state expected to get around an inch.

Because of all of the moisture in the atmosphere, forecasters from the National Weather Service are saying that it’s simply too early to make an accurate prediction of the degree of snowfall, but they are confident that accumulation is coming.

Regardless of the amount, it appears that the county will see its first significant snowfall of the season beginning late tomorrow (Friday) night and continuing through Saturday night.

The National Weather Service is calling for rain beginning today (Thursday) as the front begins to move in, but temperatures in the low 60s will keep the precipitation as rain during the early evening hours.

That will begin to change tonight, as temperatures begin to drop to the mid 30s, which will result in some scattered snow flurries, but no accumulation is expected.

Tomorrow (Friday) will see the thermometer drop, with temperatures in the mid 40s during the day, dropping to around 25 degrees at night.

The first chance of snow comes at approximately 8 a.m. on Saturday morning, as temperatures in the low to mid 30s gives our area a chance of accumulating snowfall during the day. That chance continues on through Saturday night and into early Sunday morning, as the overnight temperatures dip down into the low 20s.

Sunday morning at 2 a.m. is also the beginning of Daylight Savings Time, so everyone will be “Springing Forward” and moving their clocks ahead one hour.

Predictions show the snow -if it does arrive – stopping early on Sunday morning, but temperatures will stay in the mid 40s, dropping back into the 20s on Sunday night.

Rain is expected to return on Monday, and that may again chance to snow on Monday night, with temperatures near freezing.

Things will then again begin to warm back up on Tuesday, with highs near 50.


All of this comes on the heels of last week’s storm that saw strong winds batter homes and other structures around Switzerland County. Reports of barns being knocked down; structures losing roofs and siding; and a large amount of downed trees were coupled with damaged homes all along the upper and central portions of the county.

Official reports found that straight line winds did the damage in the county, with no tornadoes being reported.