Indiana Senator Mike Braun visits Switzerland County during break


Taking advantage of the summer recess, Indiana Senator Mike Braun has been touring the state, making his way through all 92 Hoosier counties — and last Thursday he and his staff made a stop here in Switzerland County.

  The Senator stopped at The Ridge Winery Tasting Room on State Road 156, 

  “Every recess week, and August is a recess month, I head out North and visit the central part of the state generally on Tuesdays,” the Senator said. “Then here we circled back around to the Southeast and have been covering these counties. If I’m not doing that, then I’m heading to the northern part of the state. Then I try and circle my way back to Jasper (his home city) on Thursdays — usually pretty late.”

  What types of things is the Senator hearing as he travels the state?

  “I always talk about the functionality of our state,” he said. “We’re making hard decisions about long term road funding; and of course infrastructure gets talked about out there, but there’s no way that the federal government can take on a big infrastructure project, we’re running a trillion dollar deficit. We’ve done a lot of things here to make a great business climate. Many other states have chosen to be high regulation, high taxation — kind of like the federal government. So I talk about that stuff, and I listen to see what’s on everyone’s mind.”

  Mary Owens, deputy press secretary, said that the Senator is on what he calls his “Summer of Solutions” tour. His stop in Switzerland County coincided with a meeting of Indiana winemakers at The Ridge Tasting Room, coordinated and hosted by Tom and Jane Demaree.

  The Senator took a few moments to speak with the Demarees and other members of the wine making and winery industry here in the state, learning about its growth and contributions to the Indiana economy.